Duncanville has long been considered the perfect blend for family, community and business.

In 2007 Duncanville was one of the first communities to be designated as a Certified Retirement Community by the Texas Department of Agriculture designated making Duncanville the perfect blend for retirement as well.

Without a doubt, Duncanville has many attributes that are important to retirees, such as excellent services, quality infrastructure, positive growth, a hospitable community, housing values, and opportunities for civic involvement.


Duncanville is also a community where public safety is of the utmost concern, offering high quality police and fire departments. Its close proximity to quality medical facilities will appeal to those who appreciate a wide variety of choices when evaluating their physician and pharmaceutical options.

Come take a look at what Duncanville has to offer-find out why Duncanville is the perfect blend for retirement.

Symphony Center The Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, Texas.

Equally important are the established benefits of the surrounding area and the State of Texas. Being centrally located in the DFW metroplex allows Duncanville residents to access and enjoy urban amenities without sacrificing the quality of life found in a smaller town. Here residents are able to support quality local theatre while living just a short drive away from one of the finest symphony halls in the world.

 Basketball Arena The Sandra Meadows Basketball Arena, Duncanville, Texas.

Duncanville residents are also able to support their nationally renowned Duncanville ISD athletic programs as they win district and state titles while supporting six professional sports teams as they win Super Bowls and Stanley Cups. These factors and more add to the appeal of Duncanville as a retirement destination.