Weekly Update: June 28, 2024
Posted on 06/28/2024
Weekly Update: June 28, 2024
This week, the Employee Advisory Team celebrated National Dairy Month with a sweet treat. Team members served sweet cold treats to their departments and City visitors at all City facilities. 
EAT Program Dairy Day

Please select the following link to access the City of Duncanville’s Request for Bids 24-0025 Sale of Real Property.


The Fire Department responded to 134 calls for service in the past seven days, which included:

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS): 97
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: 11


The Police Department welcomes the public to access www.crimemapping.com for resources; citizens can also sign up for crime alerts within their location's radius.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Auto Theft Task Force visited with the police department volunteers during their monthly Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association Meeting. 

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course
The Department concluded a department-wide Emergency Vehicle Operations Course. Thank you to our Training and Personnel Division for leading this enormous undertaking and all those who assisted. 


Accounting & Reporting – Week of June 20 – June 26: 

  • Electronic Funds Transfer Payments: 38 invoices were processed, totaling $625,930.15.


The Library’s Summer Reading Club programming continues! 

  • The Seed Library is here! It is located at the Information Desk. Anyone may take some seed packets to plant at home. 

The Summer Reading Camp program had 228 participants from June 22 to June 27.

Upcoming Events –

The Library has added a Little Free Fridge to our Pantry. The Pantry and the Fridge are open to anyone in need. Staff members can receive donations.
There are two new Curiosity Kits for checkout. Each kit has books and other materials on a specific topic. One of the latest kits is Geocaching, and the other is Birding. The other two kits are Hearth Health and Tarot.





  • Starting Fire Station (Parks Operations Facility) transition
  • Waiting on parts to repair the Lakeside fountain system.
  • Continued treatment of Lakeside Pond to mitigate pest
  • Managed mowing contractors
  • Managed tree maintenance contractors
  • Kimly-Horn completed a tree survey of the future dog park area

Duncanville Fieldhouse

D.L. Hopkins Jr. Senior Center

Senior Meal Program: Monday through Thursday, everyone who dines with us will receive a breakfast bag and a boxed lunch to take home. On Fridays, each person will receive two breakfast bags and two boxed lunches to enjoy on Saturday and Sunday. This is due to additional state funding from the Dallas Area Agency on Aging (DAAA). The funding and expanded meal program will continue through the end of the fiscal year, September 30, 2024, and there is no additional cost to the City.

Become a member today! The minimum age to join is 50. For more information, contact the Senior Center at (972) 707-3864.

Read the latest Golden Gazette!

Upcoming Events

Recreation Center 

2024 Red, White, & BBQ

Red, White & BBQ – Thursday, July 4 – Saturday, July 6, 2024
The City of Duncanville warmly invites you to join our community for a star-spangled celebration at the annual Red, White, and BBQ event from July 4 to July 6 at Armstrong Park (100 James Collins Blvd., Duncanville, TX). This three-day extravaganza, sanctioned by the Champions Barbecue Alliance, promises an exciting Independence Day weekend filled with festivities for all ages. Duncanville aims to provide a vibrant community celebration for Independence Day, bringing together families and friends to enjoy great food, live entertainment, and festive activities.

Cruel Summer Performing at Red, White, & BBQ

Wristbands are required. Entry wristbands are available at the Duncanville Recreation Center (201 James Collins Blvd.).

Youth Pickleball

Pickleball Youth Camp – Monday, July 29, Wednesday, July 31, & August 2, 2024 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
This is a 3-day camp for youth ages 5 to 16 years of age. Participants will learn the basics of the game. e.g., the court lines and rules, information on a single or double play, technique, scoring, etc. Coach Richard, along with Councilmember Mr. Jeremy Koontz, will also be involved in assisting with coaching. The camp will occur during our regular pickleball hours - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. This is a FREE event with limited space available.

For more information, contact the Recreation Center at (972) 780-5070 


This week in Economic Development:

The City Council and the Duncanville Community and Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) are planning a joint meeting on July 30, 2024, to view the collaborative space at Wheatland Plaza.

  • The following items were approved at the June 24, 2024, Duncanville Community and Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) Regular Board Meeting:
    • FY24-25 HOT Funding Application-ALW Entertainment
  • The Duncanville Economic Department staff welcomed Councilmember Mr. Pennebaker during the New Councilmember Orientation.
    Certificates of Occupancy Applications Received – June 13 – June 19, 2024

Change of Ownership:

  • Obi lbeto Igroup Wireless: 901 E. Hwy 67, Suite D

New Occupancy:

  • Elephant Hibachi: 103 N. Cedar Ridge, Suite #200
  • KLS Counseling & Consulting Services, PLLC: 214 S. Main St., Bldg. 214

Change of Ownership/Change of Name:

  • Anisha Food Store: 102 S. Cedar Ridge Dr.

New Business:

  • Succeed Forever Community: 914 S. Cedar Ridge Dr.

Certificates of Occupancy - Certificates Issued – June 13 – June 19, 2024

Change of Ownership:

  • Hollywood Nails Spa: 1526 S. Clark Rd.

Special Events:

  • Wristbands for Red, White, and BBQ (Barbecue) are available at the Recreation Center
  • We have 32 vendors registered and 11 which are food and have started the food permit process
  • 31 BBQ Competitors
  • One (1) potential alcohol vendor

Special Event Sponsors:

  • Boston Market
  • Amore’s Italian Restaurant

Other Special Event Applications:


  • M25:35 Red White and BBQ Cook-Off under Ordinance 245. Sec. 12E-6(g)


  • Leslie Askerneese - The Ultimate Holistic Festival – June 30

Other Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, June 27, 2024: Alexa Stariha – Crossroads of Life 5K
  • Saturday, June 29, 2024: Family Reunion Picnic | Williams Family | Armstrong Park
  • Saturday, July 13, 2024: Sidewalk Sale and Charity Collection Event | Knick Knacks | Knick Knacks
  • Saturday, July 20, 2024: Duncan Switch Street Market | Chamber of Commerce | Main Street


Items scheduled for the July 8th Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

  • Specific Use Permit (SUP) request for “Banquet or Event Center” at 119 East Danieldale Road.
    • August 6 City Council Meeting
      • (Discussion) SUP request for “School, Primary or Secondary (Private)” @ 323 West Wheatland Road.
        • Recommended for approval at the June 3rd Planning & Zoning Commission meeting; staff is bringing back item due to the Commission’s request for the applicant to present a traffic management plan
        • July 16th City Council meeting

Items scheduled for the July 16th City Council Meeting

  • SUP request for “School, Primary or Secondary (Private)” at 323 West Wheatland Road.
    • Recommended for approval at the June 3rd Planning & Zoning Commission meeting

New & Potential Projects

Proposed New Development at 518 East Highway 67

  • The proposed project has moved forward to the building permit stage; the building permit was issued on 12/18/2023.
  • Owners have applied for a certificate of occupancy and will receive it once all inspections have been completed.

Proposed New Development at 704 North Main Street

  • Site Plan submitted 08/30/2023.
  • Building permit application submitted 11/18/2022.
  • Replat approved at the 04/10/2023 Planning and Zoning meeting.
  • Building Inspections is currently waiting on revised plans; fire is waiting on fire sprinkler plans.
  • Civils have been approved.

Proposed New Development at 615 South Cockrell Hill Road

  • Pre-development meeting occurred on 08/30.
  • Staff sent comments/markups to developers on 08/29; waiting for developers to respond.
  • Staff reached out to developers on 11/27. Per developers – they will be moving forward with the proposed project after getting with the owner.
  • Latest plans submitted 02/07/2024. The latest markups were sent to developers on 02/13.
  • SUP request for “Fuel Pumps” was heard at the 04/29 P&Z meeting; P&Z recommended denial.

Proposed New Development at 626 Crestside Drive

  • Pre-development meeting occurred on 11/07.
  • SUP application submitted on 12/06; SUP request scheduled for February 12. P&Z docket and March 5 City Council docket.
  • SUP request tabled at the January 8 P&Z meeting; recommended for approval at the February 12 P&Z meeting.
  • Replat application submitted on 12/13; Replat approved at the January 8th P&Z meeting.
  • SUP request approved by City Council on 3/5.
  • Civils sent to the developer on 3/21/2024.

Proposed Re-Development/New Development at 202 West Center Street

  • Pre-development meeting occurred on 11/20; staff comments were sent out the same day to applicants.
  • The second pre-development meeting occurred on 12/18.
  • Walkthrough with developer and City staff on 3/11/2024.

 Proposed New Development at 282 West Highway 67

  • Pre-Development meeting occurred on 01/09/24.
  • Staff sent out comments on 01/09/2024 after the meeting.
  • Latest plans submitted on 02/07/2024. Staff markups were sent to developers on 02/16.
  • SUP request for the use of “Retail, Sundry” was heard at the 04/29/2024 P&Z meeting and is recommended for approval.
  • Applicants requested to be removed from 06/04/2024 City Council meeting until further notice.

Proposed New Development at 914-918 East Highway 67

  • DRC 10/24/2023
  • The Planning Director met with developers on 1/3 to discuss site plans.
  • DRC 3/8
  • Planned Development submittal sent to City on 05/29/2024. Staff are currently reviewing.

Proposed New Development at 1411 North Duncanville Road

  • Replat (Final Version) submitted on June 13th, 2024.
  • Replat request scheduled for July 8th, 2024, Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.

Proposed New Development at 515 West Center Street

  • The applicant was approved for a special exception to allow six (6) additional accessory structures by the Zoning Board of Adjustment on March 28, 2024.
    • The applicant has not yet submitted the building permit applications for accessory structures.

Proposed New Development at the Corner of Cockrell Hill Road & Danieldale Road)

  • Applicant was scheduled for the June 3rd, 2024, Planning & Zoning Commission meeting for Planned Development (PD) request; item was removed from agenda; future date to be determined.

Proposed New Development at 1430 South Main Street

  • Applicant met with staff on September 5th, 2023.
  • Applicant has been continuously working with staff on plans.
  • Planned Development application submitted on April 3rd, 2024.
  • Applicant met with staff on June 10th, 2024.
  • The applicant is currently working on revisions and additional needed plans.


  • Comp Plan Five-Year Update
    • Request for Qualifications has been posted to the City website by Chief Procurement Officer Elton Brock.
    • Pre-Statement of Qualifications Meeting for RFQ 24-0014 held on March 6.
    • Statement of Qualifications due March 26, 2024 at 2 pm.
    • Evaluations were completed, and three (3) firms have been selected. The committee will soon be scheduling interviews and selecting a firm. Once the firm is selected, the decision will be brought forth to the Planning and Zoning Commission for approval

Short-Term Rental Registration

  • Five (5) Properties were granted a Specific Use Permit by the City Council in July of 2022. One (1) of the five (5) properties are no longer operating as a short-term rental.
  • Four (4) properties were mailed a certified final notice from the Building Official on December 18th, 2023.
  • One (1) property was mailed a final notice from the Planning Division on January 19th, 2024.
  • Two (2) properties were mailed an initial notice from the Planning Division on January 19th, 2024.

 Temporary Workforce Housing Program

  • Three (3) properties were granted a Specific Use Permit by the City Council on May 21, 2024.


Street Division

  • Debris was removed, and drainage flow was restored on S. Venice Dr.
  • A fallen tree was removed from the right-of-way on Linkcrest Dr.
  • Crews poured concrete for sidewalk repairs on Meadowbrook Cir. and Cardinal Creek Dr.
  • Crews marked three drainage utility locates in various locations throughout the city.
  • Overgrown tree branches were trimmed and removed in the alley behind homes on Crystal Springs Dr.
  • Crews removed debris from the alley and trimmed high grass on E. Fain St
  • Dirt was removed from Americans with Disabilities ramps on Walnut St., Hopkins Ave., Van Rowe Ave., Kennedy Ave., and Harrington Dr.

Utilities Division 

  • Water usage was 53.044 million gallons (MG) during this reporting period, June 17 – June 23, 2024, up from 49.4478 MG the previous week. The daily peak water demand occurred on Monday, June 17, 2024, when 9.108 MG of water was used. There was 0.0 inches of precipitation during this period. There was an estimated 246,262 gallons of water loss.

Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Construction

  • Ten Mile Creek Embankment and Drainage Improvements
    • Stoic Construction has completed approximately half of the wall at Site 2.
    •  Crews have begun removing the center section of Site 1 around Swan Ridge Drive to protect the trees planted there. Construction remains on schedule. 
  • Wren Ave. and Oriole Blvd. Water Main Replacement I-20 Aerial Crossing
    • The aerial crossing is being insulated, and the project is nearing completion.
  • Softwood Dr. Sanitary Sewer Aerial Crossing Repair
    • Concrete has been poured, and the lateral line to 383 Softwood has been installed and connected. Crews continue awaiting the beam delivery.

 Other Construction

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) I-20 Construction Cockrell Hill Rd. to Hampton Rd. TxDOT is constructing new service roads and ramps from Cockrell Hill Rd. in Duncanville to Hampton Rd. in Dallas, including new bridges across US-67. This project also includes construction by TXDOT of a Texas U-Turn at US 67 and Cockrell Hill Rd. on the southwest side of the bridge, which is projected to be completed by Fall 2024, barring any unforeseen conditions. The entire project has an estimated completion date of September 2025.

    Visit the TXDOT Project Tracker

  • AT&T is installing the new fiber network (roughly 400 miles of the fiber is to be installed) in the Harrington Park area.

  • A total of 1,973 single-family rental properties have been registered to date, with two new properties registered since the last update. Fourteen inspections have been completed since the previous update; eight passed, six failed, and none were canceled. The primary reason for the failed inspections was the absence of a Grounded/Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection and missing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
  • Since the Single-Family Rental Registration Program inspections in June 2024, 214 Certificates of Occupancy have been re-issued.
  • This week, 110 Building inspections and 14 Health Inspections were conducted. The total amount of fees collected was $23,032.00.
  • This week, 96 permits were issued. 

 West Nile Virus (WNV) Sample Results Report
Date Result Positive (P) or Negative (N)  Comments
June 4, 2024 Trap 1: N None
  Trap 2: N None 
   Trap 3: N None 
   Trap 4: N None 
   Trap 5: N None 
June 11, 2024 Trap 1: N None
   Trap 2: N None
   Trap 3: N
   Trap 4: N None 
   Trap 5: N None 
June 18, 2024 Trap 1: N None 
   Trap 2: N None 
   Trap 3: N None 
   Trap 4: N None 
   Trap 5: N None 
June 25, 2024 Trap 1: N None 
   Trap 2: N None 
   Trap 3: N None 
   Trap 4: N None 
   Trap 5: N


The Human Resources Department is currently recruiting for the following positions:

T2 Professional Consulting is honored to partner with the City of Duncanville, Texas, in the search for an exceptional leader to serve as the next Police Chief. This pivotal role requires a visionary who can lead with integrity, foster community trust, and drive innovative law enforcement strategies.

👮 Position Overview:

The Police Chief will direct all operations of the department, including policy development, emergency response, budget management, public relations, and more. This leader will play a crucial role in shaping the department’s culture, ensuring safety, equity, and continuous improvement.

Join us in making a significant impact on public safety and community trust in Duncanville. If you are a dedicated leader with a passion for service and innovation, we want to hear from you!

🔗 Learn More and Apply Today

We invite our network to share this opportunity and help us find a leader who will continue to build on the strong foundation of the Duncanville Police Department. Together, let's make Duncanville a safer and stronger community!

T2 Professional Consulting is thrilled to partner with the City of Duncanville, Texas, to find an exceptional leader to serve as the next Fire Chief. We are looking for a dynamic individual who can lead with integrity, foster community trust, and drive innovative fire and emergency services strategies.

🔥 Position Overview:

The Fire Chief will serve as the executive manager and commander of the fire department, overseeing all aspects of fire administration, prevention, suppression, and life support activities. This leader will play a crucial role in developing policies, managing budgets, responding to major incidents, and fostering a culture of safety and continuous improvement.

Join us in making a significant impact on public safety and community trust in Duncanville. If you are a dedicated leader with a passion for service and innovation, we want to hear from you!

🔗 Learn More and Apply Today


Duncanville Welcomes Victor Barrera as New Economic Development Director

DUNCANVILLE, TX - The City of Duncanville is pleased to announce the appointment of Victor Barrera as the City’s new Economic Development Director. Continued...

Cruel Summer Band Pays Tribute to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour at Red, White & BBQ Event

Duncanville event organizers are excited to welcome CRUEL SUMMER with a live band performance that pays tribute to Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” as headliners for the first annual Red, White & BBQ Independence Day weekend event. Continued...

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June  2024 Champion Newsletter


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