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Your talent and expertise can help forge the future of Duncanville! Now more than ever, the City of Duncanville needs leaders like you to join a Board or Commission to help bridge the gap between our citizens and the City Council. As a Board or Commission Member, you will have a seat at the table to ensure your community is heard and to help our City Council form policy decisions that will affect the future of Duncanville.

The Duncanville City Council is currently accepting applications from citizens interested in volunteering their service on one of the City's boards or commissions. To be eligible to serve, one must be a resident of the City of Duncanville, and not be in arrears on City of Duncanville ad valorem taxes or fines or fees.

Keep Duncanville Beautiful Board meets with Village Tech students

Applications are now being accepted for City of Duncanville Boards, Commissions, and Committees.

Apply today to make a positive impact on your community.

Already a member? Click HERE to download Roberts Rules of Order to be ready for your next meeting.


The Duncanville City Council is committed to building a, "vibrant and inclusive community, driven by a commitment to democratic principles and service above self." Through a perse and inclusive voice from our Boards and Commissions, we hope to bridge the gap between citizen and City Council, forging the future of Duncanville!

Information about each Board is available on the City's website. If you have interest in serving on one of these Boards or Commission, please complete the attached application and submit to the City Secretary's office, at  [email protected] or 203 E. Wheatland Rd., Duncanville, TX 75116. Thank you again for your interest and desire to serve your community!



El Ayuntamiento de Duncanville se compromete a construir una, "comunidad vibrante e inclusiva, impulsada por un compromiso con los principios democráticos y el servicio por encima de uno mismo". A través de una voz perse e inclusiva de nuestras Juntas y Comisiones, esperamos cerrar la brecha entre los ciudadanos y el Ayuntamiento, ¡forjando el futuro de Duncanville!

La información sobre cada Junta está disponible en el sitio web de la Ciudad. Si usted tiene interés en servir en una de estas Juntas o Comisiones, por favor complete la solicitud adjunta y envíela a la oficina del Secretario de la Ciudad, en [email protected] o 203 E. Wheatland Rd., Duncanville, TX 75116. ¡Gracias de nuevo por su interés y deseo de servir a su comunidad!


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