CrimeMapping has been developed to help City of Duncanville law enforcement provide the public with valuable information about recent crime activity in their neighborhood. Click the image above to view the latest updated information for Duncanville.

In 2019 the Duncanville Police Department changed the way it reports crime data to the FBI. The change was made due to Federal and State mandates. Texas House Bill 11 (HB11) of the 84th Regular Session introduced the requirement for Texas to begin its transition from a primarily Summary Reporting state to a NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System) state, by setting a goal for transition to NIBRS by 2019. The Duncanville Police Department met that goal by fully transitioning to NIBRS reporting on March 1, 2019.

Accident Reports

If you need a copy of an accident report, they can be obtained for $6 (cash or check) at the Duncanville Police Department.

Or you can get them online by going to LexisNexis Police Reports:

Traffic Accident


Drivers Crash Report (Blue Form):

This form is to be used when the driver of a motor vehicle is involved in a crash not investigated by a law enforcement officer that results in injury to or death of any person, or damage to the property of any one person, including the driver, to the apparent extent of at least one thousand dollars ($1,000).
Who Should Complete a Driver's Crash Report (form CR-2)? The Driver's Crash Report is completed and signed by the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash. If the driver is unable to complete the report, another person may complete the report on behalf of the driver, with an explanation as to why the driver was unable to complete the form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective September 1, 2017, per the 85th Texas Legislature Senate Bill 312, Driver's Crash Reports (form CR-2) are no longer retained by the Texas Department of Transportation. The drivers involved in a crash not investigated by a Peace Officer should retain this form for their records.