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On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, the Duncanville City Council approved the purchase of six THORGUARDIAN advance lightning warning systems to be installed in six city parks. The parks were selected based on volume of use by the public to maximize the effectiveness of a desire to increase public safety.

As a leader in lightning prediction, THOR GUARD has advanced its state of the art lightning prediction technology by the development of its propriety L125 prediction computer. The THORGUARDIAN is the first, totally integrated advance warning system for lightning. The sensor continuously monitors the atmosphere's electrostatic energy as far away as 15 miles and evaluates the potential for lightning within an area approximately 2 miles in radius. When the system determines a hazardous condition, the air-horns and strobe light provide necessary alerts.

Every thunderstorm, or line of thunderstorms for that matter, produces a unique, corresponding "electrical footprint" at the surface and it is this electrical footprint where lightning is most likely to occur. The extent or shape of this electrical footprint depends on numerous factors such as season, pressure, wind speed, temperature, elevation, etc … and given that all of these factors can change over just a few minutes to even seconds, the electrical footprint must also change to reflect the "favorable" locations for lightning to discharge.


An electrostatic field MUST be present before a lightning strike can occur between the storm cell and the ground. THOR GUARD technology provides advanced warning of when the electrical footprint is heading into your area AND when it is exiting your area, thus providing automatic notification of when to stop AND when to resume.

Summertime is the peak season for pop-up storms. Whether in the mountains, along the beach, or in the warm and humid regions of the world, don't let pop-up storms surprise you! Only THOR GUARD technology can provide advanced warning of lightning produced by overhead, or nearby, developing storms.

Have you ever had lightning occur seemingly out of the blue and catch you off guard? Often times, especially in regards to severe weather, lightning can strike well ahead of an approaching storm and/or well behind a departing storm. Just because the skies are blue does not mean the potential for lightning does not exist. THOR GUARD technology is able to provide advanced warning of the bolt out of the blue using flexible range settings from .5 to 2.5 miles. Our Competition uses a larger range (larger ring above) because they depend on detecting lightning strikes after they have occurred. When a far off storm starts throwing out lightning strikes over your location, only THOR GUARD can warn you of lightning before it is too late!