PIP – Property Improvement Program

A service partnership between First United Methodist Church and the City of Duncanville.


To repair the exterior of homes and yards of Duncanville Homeowners who cannot make these repairs themselves because of life’s circumstances.

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A partnership between the Duncanville Neighborhood Vitality Commission, First United Methodist Church Duncanville, and the City of Duncanville.

The Property Improvement Program (PIP) volunteers repair the exterior of homes and yards of Duncanville homeowners who cannot make these repairs themselves because of life circumstances.

PIP provides no-cost home repairs to homeowners needing assistance based on the following guidelines:

  • Resident of Duncanville;
  • Owns their own home (not renting; does not own any other properties). The home must appear in the applicant’s name on the Dallas County tax rolls;
  • Repairs must fall in “NEED” rather than “WANT” category. In other words, “needed” repairs are those that are essential to provide a safe living environment or to comply with property maintenance standards, whereas “wants” are repairs that are desired more in terms of niceties;
  • Assistance is limited to exterior repairs, fences, trees, shrubs, patios, or porches;
  • Work cannot be done above the 1st story; and
  • Projects will be selected based on a combination of need (physical or financial inability), work requested, and level of improvement to the neighborhood. 

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Choose from the following list of repairs PIP can assist with:

 Fence Repair







 Wood Repair

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