The 2018 Duncanville Bond Program

Community improvements and quality of life projects for residents, businesses, and community partners.

The 2018 Duncanville Bond Program was approved by voters November, 2018. The Program consists of 10 projects organized into four propositions and planned to be completed over four years.

Overall Progress At-a-Glance

Proposition A

Armstrong Park Kidsville & Splash Pad66% Complete
Harrington Park Improvements45% Complete
Pavilions at Lakeside and Harrington Parks75% Complete
Rotary Park Parking100% Complete
Trails0% Complete

Proposition B

S. Cedar Ridge17% Complete
Danieldale Rd.74% Complete
Main St. at Camp Wisdom33% Complete

Proposition C

Fire Station #15% Complete

Proposition D

Service Center Expansion20% Complete

4 Propositions

Proposition Funding Breakdown by %